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Virtual Book Reading

I plan on either releasing a pre-recorded video reading the first chapter of INTO THE FORGOTTEN FOREST, or doing a live event. Date and time TBD.
Virtual Book Reading

Time & Location

Time is TBD
YouTube and/or IGTV

About the event


Oli Locklear has moved around from city to city her entire life until now, and though she'd always dreamed that magic was real she should've been careful what she wished for. In the small town of Birch Hollow, in Western Massachusetts, the forest seems endless. Magic is everywhere. Creatures of myth and lore roam between the trees at night, people keep going missing, and there are doorways to other realms. Here, Oli will discover that she and her twin brother Xander are on the verge of becoming monsters, themselves, and that an ancient faery queen is out for their blood. The Shadow Queen wants every one of the Outcrossed not under her thumb to die. She knows that only one of them can defeat her. It has long since been foretold. But she wants more than just their deaths; she wants to tear down the walls between the worlds. As Oli and Xander—along with their friends—are thrown into a new reality of vampires, werewolves, faeries, magic, danger, secrets, and prophecy, they are forced to choose a path. But will the one they take lead them to the light, or down into shadow?

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