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Street Team Powers, Activate!

I'm still on a learning curve with this whole Indie Author business. But how could I forget the power of a Street Team?!

If you check out the site menu, you'll find a new page has been added for applications to my team, and a brief explanation about responsibilities and perks.

And if you really love my writing, it'll give you the ability to read upcoming books before ANYONE else! How awesome is that? I've always loved a good ARC.

Other updates;

I'll have links to my first couple interviews later today, or possibly tomorrow, and I'll be posting them here on the blog! Keep an eye out.

I know I said I'd be posting pronunciations of names and the Arcane language in INTO THE FORGOTTEN FOREST, but I honestly keep forgetting to get to making the video. I'll try to get on it later today (it's past midnight now, so by today I mean the first of September) if I can.

So far, I've outlined thirteen chapters in the next installment! And if I haven't mentioned it before, the title will be UNDER THE WOLF MOON, which was originally what was planned for book one, but I had to split them in half! And since then, I've had to do a bit of book surgery.

Another series I have planned, THE STARLIGHT CIRCLE, is also slowly coming into being. The first book will be called WYLDE & STRANGE, and it focuses on the magic society—rather than the Limmikin, Ageless, and fae—and Ambrose Academy for the Arcane Arts.

I'm also still combing through ItFF to put together a chronological playlist by chapter and scene for your enjoyment! It may take a while, but I'll be sure to keep you all updated on here.

For now, I'm off to binge on some ONCE UPON A TIME, and read a bit before bed!

Take care, peoples!

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