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The Story

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Being a writer is a strange malady.

The first sign a story is on its way is when the characters begin to arrive. One by one, they file into my headspace and set up shop. They tell me their stories. Sometimes in pieces. Sometimes all at once.

Then comes the connections. How are these characters related? How do they know each other? What binds them to this other person?

From there, I start to connect the dots in my head, and I realize where it's all headed.

That's when the outlining begins. It flows from my fingers and only stops when I realize I have to do things like eat, sleep, etc.

And once that's done, I go back to the beginning and start writing. Because I've outlined it all already, I've also imagined the book already in my head. I've heard every line of dialogue. I've described every dark, fantastical detail. All that needs doing is getting it into a word processor.

So then I write that. A half chapter to a chapter a day. And it all starts coming together, and it's the most wonderful thing.

But you know what the next most wonderful thing is?


I am both overjoyed and humbled whenever anyone tells me they've loved reading my books.

People who think that being a writer is about making money...well, let's just say they'd be sorely disappointed if they ever attempted to publish something quick and easy. Nothing that's worth having ever comes easy.

The dream isn't the money. The dream is the dream itself; the Story. It must be told. There is no other path, and there never was.

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